Is TNX a Carrier, 3PL, or What?

We are software for truck procurement and dispatching, for private fleet or 3rd party carriers.

Who Are Your Customers?

Our customers run control towers to manage transport decisions, i.e. what services to buy and how to use them on a daily basis for best cost-to-serve. They include 4PLs, Lead Logistics Providers (LLPs), 3PLs, and large enterprises with a mix of private fleet and 3rd party carriers.

Does TNX Replace a TMS?

Our customers usually have their own TMS, or even several different TMSs based on site or business unit. We can also take data from the WMS or ERP directly. TNX multiplies the value of these systems of record by adding connectivity and optimisation that must take place outside the four walls of the business. We extend and improve on the internal systems, rather than replace them.

Isn't TNX a Spot Market?

We are a multi-tenant software platform, like LinkedIn or Facebook. That means transport jobs can be offered to a shortlist of approved carriers, or made public for any carrier who matches minimum qualifications. Similar to LinkedIn, most of our customers are sharing tenders only within a network of their approved carriers. But because some tenders are public, carriers can sign-up to TNX and find work. Our optimisation has a community-level to it, because the same carrier can be approved for multiple cargo owners and TNX automatically bundles relevant loads to form longer, fuller tenders.

What About EDI or Integration?

Of course TNX works well with interfacing, EDI, and integration. We publish a public RESTful API, and can connect to various accounting, WMS, TMS, and ERP systems. Take a Look