Smart Tender Automation: What's Available?

The world’s leading TMS solutions approach Tender Automation as rote execution, not as smart decisions

In my last blog post, I discussed the need for Smart Tender Automation. How are leading Transport Management Systems (TMSs) handling Tender Automation? Are they at the forefront of implementing smart decision making in their Tender Automation approaches?

Tendering & Software

A review of the classical software landscape shows that Tender Automation is not an area of particular feature depth or innovation.

To understand what’s available, consider the world’s leading Transport Management Systems (TMSs) capabilities: SAP, Oracle, and JDA all have versions of it. Here is a quick recap of them. For the benefit of European readers, Transporeon is also discussed.

To summarise: the world’s leading TMS solutions approach Tender Automation as rote execution. They have simple rule trees, must be setup laboriously by system integration consultants, and are brittle as regards to changes in business needs. The world’s leading TMSs implement Tender Automation as a form of clerical automation. And this means, to be blunt, their tendering automation is dumb.

As I’ve discussed in my previous article, this poses substantial risks to companies using these Tender Automation approaches. Companies may face delayed shipments and unnecessary costs.

In my next blog article, I will have a more detailed look at how to make Tender Automation smarter.

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