our AI pipeline architecture


Our bundling is about producing logically superior ways to use a truck. It leverages a branch of data science called "Symbolic AI". Symbolic AI means accurately describing the state of the world, the actions available, and goals we want to achieve. For the platform, this means knowing when its possible to combine road transport jobs and when that would lead to better carrier pricing.

The end result is what we call “bundles”, which are specific ways to schedule, consolidate, sequence, and therefore execute a combination of transport orders. We offer bundling for FTL to create continuous moves, and also bundling for LTL to consolidate partloads.

Why bundle at all?

In theory, procurement should start with the best load combinations. In practice, this isn't often true. Business units or sites may procure in isolation from the same carrier, in effect overpaying. Partloads may be tendered when they could be successfully aggregated to save money. And the blending of private fleet with for-hire carriers often follows rules of thumb that would be best properly tested each day. In all these situations, bundling via TNX delivers a lower cost-to-serve.

Bundling of work into more attractive offers is a core part of good road procurement. But its not the only AI that TNX brings to the problem. Learn about how bundling fits into our AI pipeline here.